Hamilton Fitness Academy is a 5000 square foot fitness training studio that prides itself on 1 on 1 coaching that delivers results. This is Hamilton's ONLY private fitness facility where you are aligned with your own personal training and lifestyle coach. 

Our team is more than personal trainers.  They are your lifestyle coaches. Their focus and passion is to remove the stigma associated with fitness as a whole and guide you to a happier, healthier you.


The Hamilton Fitness Academy provides you with an atmosphere free of intimidation. Whether you're just starting your fitness journey, or you are looking for some guidance along the way, The Hamilton Fitness Academy welcomes you.



Are you an athlete looking to optimize your performance in a specific sport? Training for competitive Hockey, Football, Running or to compete in that Ironman next year to check that goal off of your bucket list? Whatever sport you are training to compete our team at the Hamilton Fitness Academy is ready. 


At the Hamilton Fitness Academy you'll find 6 Elite Athletic Performance Coaches and the only 6 in Ontario that are DBC Certified in human movement and bio mechanics.


On top of years of experience these coaches have worked with some of the worlds top engineers in bio mechanics  and they're ready to show you what they can do for your performance. 

So if you're an athlete, or perhaps the parent to a rising star, the Hamilton Fitness Academy has the team you'll want and need in your corner to take it to the next level. 

Contact us today to learn more about how we can get you started on the path of peak athletic performance in all sports. 





"Mr Fitness" - Owner & Operator

From starting as a Hamilton based personal trainer at the age of 23 at Premier Fitness to Fitness Manager at multiple gyms, Jay’s true passion is helping others achieve greatness.  With 13 years of experience in Health & Wellness, Jay’s passion has fuelled him into handling the day to day operations of The Hamilton Fitness Academy. Jay provides not only the team but the members with knowledge and energy like no other. Jay is also DBC Level 1 Certified in Human Movement and Bio Mechanics. 



Personal Trainer & Body Building Coach  

Jake discovered his true calling working at Goodlife Fitness only 3 short weeks after graduating from Mohawk’s Health, Wellness and Fitness program. Jake prides himself on keeping his clients motivated through injecting his programs with positive energy and encouragement. Jake specializes in developing programs for individuals who are looking to improve their body composition, increase mobility and range of motion. In just 3 years, he has been able to help over 75 people transform their lives. Jake is also DBC Level 1 Certified in Human Movement and Bio Mechanics. 



Personal Trainer & Lifestyle Coach

Small but mighty Tasha is a competitive trainer who loves to push the boundaries with her clients. She is no rookie herself when it comes to body transformations. She has been on both ends of the spectrum as she competed in the CPA bikini class division, to now being a high active twin mother. She sets standards high when helping coach her clients through lifestyle, weight loss, pre and postpartum as well as body composition transformations. She shows that her size has no limitations on what one can achieve. 



Personal Trainer & Lifestyle Coach

Claire’s mission for each client is to be their guide on their journey to discover self-love. Over the last 5 years, she has worked with clients of numerous body types and fitness levels helping each achieve their own fitness milestones. With each client, Claire builds a custom plan tailored to their goals. Her expertise lies in weight management, improving muscle tone, and overall fitness.



Personal Trainer & Fascial Stretch Therapist

Allen's motto is “get fit to exercise, before exercising to get fit”. His Master’s Degree in Counselling allows him to help those suffering from pain, anxiety, depression, and chronic stress. He's certified in mobility and rehabilitation training, full body activation, and strength and conditioning. He's passionate about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, rock-climbing, volleyball, and racket sports. His training incorporates the finesse of Bruce Lee paired with the ancient wisdom of Mr Miyagi. Allen is someone you can count on to help you take those steps and make the changes you need. Reach out to Allen and the Hamilton Fitness Academy to learn how he can help. 



Personal Trainer & Lifestyle Coach

After years of playing competitive sports, Xavier takes that sense of competition and infuses into his programs. He prides himself in challenging his clients to push their limits and achieve what was once thought to be impossible. He has also been a practicing vegan for over a year. As a result, his new lifestyle has lead him to develop a new perspective on fitness nutrition. As an efficiency coach, Xavier specializes in developing programs tailored to weight loss and sports specific training. Xavier is also DBC Level 1 Certified in Human Movement and Bio Mechanics. 



Personal Trainer & Lifestyle Coach

When it came to choosing a profession that Jad could be passionate about he couldn't help but think of a better one that would allow h to make a positive impact in people's lives using fitness and as their Personal Trainer. He has always been involved in competitive sports and learning how to improve his own level of fitness and performance. Now he combines the knowledge, the skills and the motivation to help other people achieve their goals. If you're ready he can't wait to help you do the same at the Hamilton Fitness Academy. 



Kinesiologist & Strength & Conditioning Coach

Alex is a Bachelor of Kinesiology graduate from Brock University. Alex discovered that fitness training was his calling through his time at Brock. Alex gained extensive experience as a leader and trainer through various internships and volunteer opportunities. Alex’s experience includes training seniors in the Niagara community, guiding exercise for individuals with spinal cord injuries, and helping children with special needs complete movement education programs.


Alex is well- versed in working with clients of all ages and backgrounds and is driven by  off the progress his clients realize through his expertise. Alex specializes in establishing a connection between the mind and body and developing programs for individuals who wish to increase their mobility, improve their body composition, and challenge themselves to change their lives for the better! He's ready to serve at the Hamilton Fitness Academy. 



Personal Trainer & Lifestyle Coach

Ken, a Health Wellness & Fitness graduate from Mohawk College, is a passionate fitness instructor who specializes in burning fat and building muscle. He uses high intensity and functional training methods to help you get lean and fit. He'll empower you with the right tools to push you beyond your limits in a safe and fun environment. Kenneth is also DBC Level 1 Certified in Human Movement and Bio Mechanics. 



Personal Trainer & Lifestyle Coach

When it comes to the health and fitness community, Ly has been building quite a name for herself from both her own growth and transformation, but also from being one of F45’s most motivating coaches. As Ly became more experienced through group training and realized how much she loves to run classes, she knew that she wanted to make more of an impact by pursuing one-on-one training. With no athletic background, and a resume built off of marketing and sales; her passion for fitness has led her to a career with much more fulfillment. Due to her value for strength training, Ly prides herself in helping others see the strongest version of themselves not only in the gym, but in every aspect of their lives.



Personal Trainer & Lifestyle Coach

Amber is on a mission to share her passion of fitness, self-care and love with as many people as she can. People that are ready to live their best life. Amber is focused. She is a business owner, hairstylist and coach. Amber is the result of going through her own personal lifestyle transformation. Now her focus is to teach others how to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle that works for them. Amber believes fitness as a lifestyle is just as much a mental workout as it is physical one. Aside from coaching you through individualized, safe yet effective workouts, Amber will inspire to with real to life stories, share her knowledge and encouragement as you begin or continue to unfold your fitness and healthy lifestyle journey.



Athletic Therapist & Transformation Specialist

Jake attended Sheridan College for Athletic Therapy which gives him the dynamic of rehabilitation and physiotherapy to his training approach. Jake is also a certified Paramedic in the Province of Ontario. Jake brings 11 years of experience in the fitness industry where he has coached and worked with youth, the elderly, beginner athletes and the elite. Jakes versatility as a trainer is something that sticks out and is a benefit to all his clients. Jake brings a passion for fitness and high energy from his heavy personal involvement in competitive sports like hockey and baseball. Jake believes that in order to see results and progression, consistency is the key to success. 



Personal Trainer & Athletic Performance Specialist

His passion for fitness started from playing competitive sports, a graduate from Humber College Fitness and Health Promotion, also running his own gym in Toronto, Chris has over 7 years of working hands-on with all fitness levels and goals. Chris likes to see himself as a coach who can motivate you into functional movements to reach your goals. Chris develops individualized programs for each of his clients. He creates long-term client interactions with the goal of integrating exercise and optimal wellness into the demands of daily life. As the golden era of fitness and health is Chris’ passion, you can expect to see a variety of old school movements in your programs and sessions. Aside from your workout, Chris invests a lot of energy into each of his clients, caring about their goals just as much as they do, the more you’re invested in your journey the more Chris invests into you.



Personal Trainer & Lifestyle Coach

Miranda Biasutti is a graduate of the Health and Wellness Fitness program at Mohawk College. She comes from an athletic background, playing various sports, but primarily a sprinter. Her love for fitness and movement has always stuck with her and over the years grow a passion for self-development. Having a growth-mindset is important to herself. Miranda wants to not only inspire her clients, but to shift their mindset to believe they are worthy and capable of making any fitness goal happen! Hard work and consistency are two keys factors she focuses on. She understands that muscle is the organ of longevity and your biggest protector of your physical well-being! She enjoys designing integrated programmes and has fun being creative with moments. Her best methods for exercise are resistance and interval training to build functional strength. Miranda believes quality movement mean a quality life and wants to see you live that life!



Kinesiologist & Athletic Performance Specialist

Calum is an Honours Kinesiology graduate at McMaster University where he spent his time working his way through their Strength & Conditioning program. In this time, he has achieved success working with OUA medalling teams like Women's Rugby, Men's Volleyball, where he acted as an assistant S&C coach to later be promoted to lead S&C coach of the Varsity Swim team. Calum also has experience working with a variety of professional athletes including CFL players, Olympic Hockey players, and Canadian Premier League Soccer players. His passion is in advancing individuals athleticism of any age, size, or ability. He is a believer that as you age, the need to maintain and improve your functionality is essential to maintain a high quality of life, this is why he aids older individuals in reclaiming their youth through exercise. Calum is here to ensure you reach your fitness and lifestyle goals; if you are ready to start your journey to success, then reach out to him at Hamilton Fitness Academy today!



Kinesiologist & Athletic Performance Specialist

Sharon is eager to align with the Hamilton Fitness Academy. Sharon just completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology from Brock University adding her Diploma in Health Wellness and Fitness from Mohawk College. 

Coming from a very athletic background, Sharon has always been involved in the fitness industry in one way or another. Being involved in a variety of placements for Mohawk College has helped Sharon gain experience teaching strength & conditioning, 1-on-1 coaching and group training.

Her passions in athletics led to an Internship at the Brock Sports Performance Centre where she worked with a elite level athletes in various sports.

In addition to all this experience and education, what's most important is Sharon embodies a love and passion to help others and at the Hamilton Fitness Academy, we really dig that. Reach out to connect with Sharon today. 


The Proof That Hard Work Leads To Results


I joined the Hamilton Fitness Academy in January of 2019. After years trying to lose weight on my own, I had never found the right environment to help me stick through to a routine. The day I walked into HFA, I was treated like family and was caught off guard by how inclusive and positive the HFA staff were. I can't begin to describe the positive impact Kylie has made through the creating of a fun and safe environment for people to participate in her boxing classes as well as from the others at HFA who all contribute to that feeling. 5 months and 55lbs lighter, I am couldn't be happier. Joining the Hamilton Fitness Academy was one of my best choices this year and I'm looking forward to my continued efforts with the HFA family. 


I have struggled with weight most of my life. I tried every fad diet out there. Nothing changed. I had no motivation for a change but I did want to. I followed updates from Kylie on Instagram and when I saw she was offering boxing classes at HFA I decided it was time to attend. I had no idea that Kylie was about to change my life. I became addicted to the energy of her classes. They are fun and the atmosphere at the HFA is amazing. All the trainers and coaches are supportive and encouraging. I feel like myself there and the HFA has become my happy place. I decided to start working more with Kylie as my personal trainer. She is knowledgable with her skills, her sport, meal prep and to me a real life wonder woman. In 6 months I have lost over 90lbs in unwanted weight and I'm just getting started. I have more energy, I'm happier, healthier and I feel being and example of hard work and a better mom to my 12 year old son. I find myself stepping outside my comfort zone more with my confidence continuing to improve. I cannot wait to see what the next 6 months will bring while working with Kylie at the Hamilton Fitness Academy. 


The reason I chose to join Hamilton Fitness Academy is because it’s a private facility that offers me one on one training. At the HFA you don’t have to worry about annoying interruptions, having to wait for machines, or feel weird about other people watching you. I’ve had the opportunity to work with Jay Piasky and I have never met anyone more passionate about what they do! His energy and passion and shines through every time I walk through those doors. It’s been a long journey for me but the whole HFA team has stuck by me. The team at Hamilton Fitness Academy will never give up on you. In the coming months I want nothing more than to continue my journey to become the best possible version of myself. HFA is a family, and joining it has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I'm still on my way!


The best decision I've ever made was joining the Hamilton Fitness Academy. About a year ago I walked in and began working with Tasha Avila. I have lost 64 pounds and transformed my body’s  in ways I didn't believe possible at first. Tasha and her positive attitude and support made going back for more a few times a week enjoyable. The entire staff at the HFA has become friends along my fitness journey. I've now joined the boxing classes to continue enhancing my fitness level. I am so happy I made the leap of faith to work with Tasha and join the Hamilton Fitness Academy. I have the support I need to continue to maintain my new me and I continue to encourage my friends to make those changes too. Thank you to everyone at the Hamilton Fitness Academy. 


I discovered Hamilton Fitness Academy when a friend encouraged me to try some of the boxing. I was at a low point in my life. Little self confidence and was beyond frustrated. But I knew I had to make a change. I was overwhelmed daily with information about fitness and diets. I tried most and failed. I decided after a couple classes to ask to meet with one of the trainers as I didn't feel the same intimidation I had in most other gyms. HFA had this energy and welcomeness to it. I took the leap of faith and enrolled myself in a serious 6 month program. I started with 3 times a week and created some momentum. My trainer Xavier was encouraging and just the coach I needed. I was helped with my nutrition and began the choice of adopting a vegan diet. Changing my lifestyle and mindset was not easy. It brought lots of emotions out of me but it was so worth it. I lost 75lbs of unnecessary weight and my life has changed for the better both mentally and physically. If you have never partnered with a trainer I highly encourage you to take the same leap of faith and go for it. It could very well be the best decision of your life. It's worth it. Thank you to Xavier and the entire team at the Hamilton Fitness Academy. 

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