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The Hamilton Fitness Academy is a 5000 square foot training facility that provides 1 on 1 coaching, fascial stretch therapy and group training.  As Hamilton's ONLY private training facility, we pride ourselves on giving our members both the experience and atmosphere they need to be successful.  

Our team is more than personal trainers, they are your lifestyle coaches. Their focus and passion is to remove the stigma's associated with fitness as a whole and guide you to a happier, healthier you.


The Hamilton Fitness Academy provides you with an atmosphere free of intimidation, judgement or ridecule. Whether you're just starting your fitness journey, or you are looking for some guidance along the way, The Hamilton Fitness Academy welcomes you.


Please click the link below to get a full 360 tour of our facility!

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HFA is excited to announce that our client Brian will be doing his first fitness show!  We will be posting update videos, pictures and more on his road to the show!

Brian was an athlete in high school, but like most of us, finished high school and so did many of his extra curriculars.  Over the years he developed some unhealthy habits that led to him gaining a lot of weight.  Back in 2017, his weight got up into the 280 lb range and he decided to try to do a fitness show to get his health and weight back under control.  Brian got down to an amazing 230 lb for a 50 lb transformation, but was called out of town for work just when he was about to begin his final prep for his show.


Over the next few years he had event after event that took priority to him over this goal, ranging from having three children, to starting a new venture as an entrepreneur.  By late 2021 he had unfortunately regressed and was now up to 305 lb.


Finally in early 2022, Brian began the grind once again, he put a small goal to hit by the end of August 2022, to begin to lose weight and begin his fitness journey to a healthy weight and lifestyle once again.  With the help of his coach Jake, Brian was down to 280 lb and had gained a significant amount of strength and muscle.


It was at this point he saw the light at the end of what would be a long grueling tunnel, a window of time where he was going to dedicate himself to pursuing his goal of competing in a fitness show.  Together Brian and Jake began the grind.  For five, sometimes up to six days a week, Brian was in the gym hitting hypertrophy workouts to build as much size as possible, while maintaining a slight caloric deficit.  The goal over the next nine months was to execute a body recomposition.  To lose fat, while gaining muscle.

As of June 2023, Brian had gotten to 250 lb and it was time to reasses.  The plan shifted, from body recomp to fat loss.  Through the summer Brian went through get togethers, barbeques, birthdays and  showed amazing discipline and determination, forgoing the joys that we all experience in the summer and stuck to the plan.  The result, 220 lb by the end of August.  This was the lightest Brian had been since his early 20's, but the battle had just begun.

At this point, Brian was to begin one of the most difficult processes in fitness, the final prep for his show.  Caloric deficits, hitting weights in the mornings followed by cardio in the afternoons, strict meal plans and fatigue, both mental and physical.  In one of the first weeks of Brian's prep, he experienced every competitors worst fear, an injury, he had broken a rib.  The first question he asked when finding out what the injury was, "Can we modify to keep going?"  The determination, drive, ambition and perseverance Brian had was nothing short of incredible.

Brian has been a beacon of light and a true inspiration for what can be achieved when you put your mind to it and refuse to quit.


Follow Brian on the last leg of his amazing transformation journey on The Road to The Show!  



Date: 2023-06-01

Weight: 252 lb

Date: 2022-03-01

Weight: 305 lb

Date: 2023-09-18

Weight: 215 lb


The results are in!

We want to start by congratulating Brian on his journey and success.  Close to two years of hard work has show what can be achieved when you dedicate yourself to something and refuse to quit.

Start Weight: 310lb

Competing Weight: 290lb

Total Weight Loss: 120lb


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