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Weight Loss Specialist & Boxing Coach  

Jake discovered his true calling working at Goodlife Fitness only 3 short weeks after graduating from Mohawk’s Health, Wellness and Fitness program. Jake prides himself on keeping his clients motivated through injecting his programs with positive energy and encouragement. Jake specializes in developing programs for individuals who are looking to improve their body composition, increase mobility and range of motion. In just 3 years, he has been able to help over 75 people transform their lives. Jake is also DBC Level 1 Certified in Human Movement and Bio Mechanics. 



Yoga Specialist

Hailee’s journey to Yoga began through a personal injury, which ultimately led her to discover the profound benefits of this ancient practice.  Motivated by her transformative experience, Hailee embarked on a path to become a YTT (Yoga Teacher Training) Certified Yoga Instructor.  She immersed herself in the world of Yoga, gaining certifications in both Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga styles.

Hailee’s teaching philosophy revolves around fostering healthy mobility, safe and effective movement, and injury prevention.  Her classes are designed to empower individuals to explore their bodies’ capabilities while respecting their limits, promoting holistic well-being.  Recognizing the complementarity of Yoga and Personal Training, Hailee emphasizes the integration of these disciplines to optimize physical and mental fitness.  Whether through private 1-on-1 sessions, or dynamic weekly classes, Hailee is dedicated to sharing the immense benefits Yoga can bring to everyone on their personal fitness journey.



Performance Coach & Rehabilitation Specialist

Chris has been involved in the Fitness and Health industry for over 15 years, ranging from Personal/Group Training and Online coaching to Athlete Development. His passion for Fitness and Health comes from a personal journey from being unhealthy, and continues to this day as he wants to build resilient bodies and minds. His mindset change led him to decide to return to school as an adult and finish his degree in Kinesiology, as well as a diploma in Fitness and Health Promotion. He followed this up with getting numerous professional training in the industry.

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Performance Coach & Personal Trainer

Brooklyn is an ambitious 22-year-old student at Mohawk College currently studying Health, Fitness and Wellness. I am a personal trainer who is dedicated to encouraging both physical and mental wellbeing in all my clients. I have been an ambassador at Modo Yoga since 2019 and I have over 200 hours of in class experience. Three years ago, I started out on a mental health journey that guided me into the fitness industry. Now it is my passion to share this knowledge with others who want to make a positive change in their lives. I have experience in weight loss management, strength training, exercise programming and mental motivation. 

If you are new to fitness and ready to invest in yourself, look no further, I’m your girl!



Personal Trainer and Certified Nutrition Coach

Ariel attended Durham College for Fitness and Health Promotions after finding her passion of physical and mental wellness in the gym.  She is a certified personal trainer, nutrition coach, and is currently pursuing a certification as a yoga instructor.

Ariel has worked with a variety of clients in a variety of settings, including community wellness centers, GoodLife Fitness, as a kinesiologist and physiotherapist assistant.  She has experience in workout plans, training, meal plans, and mobility and physical rehabilitation as well.


Ariel’s goal is to assist individuals in finding their fitness journey not only a physical one, but a mental and emotional path to fulfill each aspect of life.

If you are interested in improving your overall wellness and health, weight loss, mobility or having open and fun life talks, Ariel is ready to help in every way!



Personal Trainer and Certified Nutrition Coach

Joe is a certified ISSA personal trainer and a nutritionist.  As a former semi pro soccer player, he has trained at extremely high levels of fitness.  From playing, he took his learned knowledge and began to apply it as a coach, helping many individuals improve all aspects of their game.

Over the years, his style has transformed to incorporate general fitness to help more people turn their lives around to become more fit physically and mentally.  With great passion for his clients and assisting them in achieving his goals, he won't stop until those goals are reached and your journey is complete.

Let's start your journey today!

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Personal Trainer and Transformation Coach

Olivia is a certified personal trainer whose passion for fitness was ignited after a 7-year career as a competitive swimmer came to an end. The challenge of training for swimming alongside Olympic athletes became too much, so when she left the sport she felt a void, lack of inspiration, and motivation.

After some reflection, however, she knew she needed to do something to get back in shape and consistently challenge herself, so she began resistance training. Through her journey from transitioning out of competitive sports, to recreational training, and now becoming a fitness coach, she  can confidently say she is happiest when working with others and inspiring them to reach their health and fitness goals whether for competitive reasons or lifelong health!



Bodybuilding Trainer and Transformation Coach

Dean has been training for over 11 years now and fell in love with bodybuilding right from the start. His passion for fitness lead him to pursue a career in the fitness industry where he could help others achieve amazing results, feel better about themselves and most importantly develop characteristic traits like discipline, patience and consistency which can be applied in all aspects of life.


Dean loves helping others and nothing makes me happier than seeing his clients make progress and get excited about their fitness journey.


"Everyone’s journey is different but it’s uniquely yours and I’m grateful to share that path with all my clients."

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