"Mr Fitness" - Owner & Operator

Jay Piasky is the Founder/Owner & Operator of The Hamilton Fitness Academy. Over the last 15 years he has passionately pursued a career in Health and Fitness, working his way through a variety of personal training and fitness management positions, to now owning Hamilton’s #1 private training facility.

"Born and raised here in Steeltown, it’s an honor and a privilege to have a business like ours representing this beautiful, one of a kind city. When I think about what makes HFA what it is today, I think about all the people, both team and members that have turned what once was an empty building to a home full of life, laughter and prosperity. To those looking for a new home amongst all the madness, we invite you with open arms and promise to give you the experience that you both need and deserve, with a ton of laughs along the way!" - Jay Piasky

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Personal Trainer & Boxing Coach  

Jake discovered his true calling working at Goodlife Fitness only 3 short weeks after graduating from Mohawk’s Health, Wellness and Fitness program. Jake prides himself on keeping his clients motivated through injecting his programs with positive energy and encouragement. Jake specializes in developing programs for individuals who are looking to improve their body composition, increase mobility and range of motion. In just 3 years, he has been able to help over 75 people transform their lives. Jake is also DBC Level 1 Certified in Human Movement and Bio Mechanics. 

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Personal Trainer & Lifestyle Coach

Claire’s mission for each client is to be their guide on their journey to discover self-love. Over the last 5 years, she has worked with clients of numerous body types and fitness levels helping each achieve their own fitness milestones. With each client, Claire builds a custom plan tailored to their goals. Her expertise lies in weight management, improving muscle tone, and overall fitness.

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Kinesiologist & Transformation Specialist

Jill is a graduate of Brock University’s Physical Education Program with a major in Kinesiology. Throughout her time at Brock, Jill worked for the varsity Soccer and Volleyball teams as a Strength and Conditioning intern. Jill began her personal training career at Brock’s Community Gym, training clients along with teaching boot camp classes and other group fitness classes. After graduating, Jill became a Recreation Specialist and a 200hr certified yoga teacher for children, programming recreational activities for schools around the Hamilton area.

Jill strives to incorporate her own knowledge and passion for creating self esteem and self worth through healthy habits. Jill has a huge passion to help others with their own comfortability in the gym so her clients can learn while training. 

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Performance Coach & Transformation Specialist

Nina is an honors graduate from Mohawk College in Health, Wellness and Fitness. She is an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach. She is most recently certified with Trigger Point (L1) & Precision Nutrition (L1). Currently she has taken on a new education venture with Pre-Scipt Coaching.

Nina’s education and 3 years of industry experience has allowed her to take a dynamic and holistic approach with clients. She is a strong believer in training mindset alongside the body. Nina has competed in bodybuilding for 4 years in the bikini division, allowing her to understand how hard true transformation can be. Her personal experiences allow her to help clients transform their lifestyle as a whole, not just their physiques.

Nina’s customized and individualized programs allow her clients to feel success in and out of the gym atmosphere. Her passion is helping clients to feel strong, capable, supported and empowered. Nina has a passion for biomechanics, nutrition and mental toughness to allow clients to truly build a long-term her clients to feel confident in working toward long-term success.

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Personal Trainer & Lifestyle Coach

Kevin is a two-time graduate of Brock University, having attained both a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education and a Master’s Degree in Professional Kinesiology. His education and years of experience has led him to a very scientific and thoughtful approach to attaining fitness goals.

Over the course of his 10+ year career in personal training Kevin has worked with the McMaster Strength and Conditioning Team, achieved multiple strength and performance certifications (such as Pre-Script L1 & Strength Systems International L2) and coached athletes of all levels; including collegiate, professional and Olympic. These experiences have made Kevin a much sought after performance coach for athletes of all ages and skill levels.

As the Head Trainer at a gym in Burlington, Kevin worked primarily in the realm of injury assessment and rehabilitation, helping clients to improve their mobility, reduce age-related pains, and advance overall movement quality. Kevin has experience working with a wide variety of individuals including those who have suffered from stokes, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, obesity, car accidents, sports injury, and much more. Kevin believes in a movement-based approach to managing pain and improving quality of life.

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Athletic Therapist & Transformation Specialist

Jake attended Sheridan College for Athletic Therapy which gives him the dynamic of rehabilitation and physiotherapy to his training approach. Jake is also a certified Paramedic in the Province of Ontario. Jake brings 11 years of experience in the fitness industry where he has coached and worked with youth, the elderly, beginner athletes and the elite. Jakes versatility as a trainer is something that sticks out and is a benefit to all his clients. Jake brings a passion for fitness and high energy from his heavy personal involvement in competitive sports like hockey and baseball. Jake believes that in order to see results and progression, consistency is the key to success. 

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Personal Trainer & Athletic Performance Specialist

Rhys comes in with experience playing competitive baseball at the United States Collegiate and Canadian University level. Rhys previously played for Brock University’s Baseball team from 2014-2017 where he was able to achieve an OUA championship in 2014, and later Pitcher of the Year in 2017. After completing his Honors Bachelors Degree in Sport Management he more recently attended Niagara College’s Fitness & Health Promotion program, obtaining his CSEP-CPT.


Rhys has a strength and conditioning background, specializing in working with athletes with experience at both the Youth and University levels. His training incorporates mobility with functional movement patterns. He currently works as a Pitching Coach for the Ontario Royals Elite Baseball Program in Oakville.

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Performance Coach & Rehabilitation Specialist

Chris has been involved in the Fitness and Health industry for over 15 years, ranging from Personal/Group Training and Online coaching to Athlete Development. His passion for Fitness and Health comes from a personal journey from being unhealthy, and continues to this day as he wants to build resilient bodies and minds. His mindset change led him to decide to return to school as an adult and finish his degree in Kinesiology, as well as a diploma in Fitness and Health Promotion. He followed this up with getting numerous professional training in the industry.

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Personal Trainer and Performance Coach

Jesse has been in the fitness industry professionally for 3.5 years working with larger gyms, while also fine tuning his abilities to work with a wide variety of clientele. In that same time navigating the COVID world, he was able to keep the people he was working with on track by any means necessary.  If that meant Zoom, he did it.  If it meant driving to their house, he did it. Jesse believes that fitness should be a lifelong pursuit and  tries to instill this belief into his clients with the hope they will see the value that it can provide.  


“I am a firm believer that the relationship and bond that people have with their trainer/coach is one that is a give and take. It is the coaches’ job to give his clients the tools and skills necessary to turn this into their own lifestyle.  It is the job of the client to put their best effort forward and to have an open mind to how the process can change. It’s a tad cliché but it speaks true here, you get out of this experience whatever you put in. If you work hard, do what is best for you more often than you don’t, results will come.”

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Performance Coach & Personal Trainer

Brooklyn is an ambitious 22-year-old student at Mohawk College currently studying Health, Fitness and Wellness. I am a personal trainer who is dedicated to encouraging both physical and mental wellbeing in all my clients. I have been an ambassador at Modo Yoga since 2019 and I have over 200 hours of in class experience. Three years ago, I started out on a mental health journey that guided me into the fitness industry. Now it is my passion to share this knowledge with others who want to make a positive change in their lives. I have experience in weight loss management, strength training, exercise programming and mental motivation. 

If you are new to fitness and ready to invest in yourself, look no further, I’m your girl!

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Strength and Conditioning Coach

Introduced to fitness shortly after playing Rugby throughout out High School and at Mcmaster University, Promil found a Passion in Fitness. Through the great strength and Conditioning Coaches at Mcmaster and the eagerness to teach others what he has learned, he started my Journey to give athletes the best chance to excel in their sport. He's a firm believer in unlocking your body's full potential through various training methods such as Plyometrics, Resistance Training, SAQ etc.


Alongside the physical aspect of athletics, he has a deep interest in the physiological side of sports, from various mental strategies such as Self-Talk and Visualization to Confidence and finding the “Zone”.    

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